T4 Options Pro

Options trading software for generating theoretical values, pinpointing and comparing trading opportunities, creating custom spreads, and calculating position risk through multiple scenarios.


  • Generate theoretical option values and Greeks from customizable models
  • Monitor the marketplace to discover and quickly execute trading opportunities
  • Create and instantly value User Defined Spreads (UDS) and RFQs
  • Compare live market trades to your theoretical values in real-time
  • Analyze actual and potential positions against multiple market conditions

Theoretical Sheets

Fast and simple setup lets you navigate the options markets in seconds. Theoretical values, heat maps, and expansive customization opportunities make executing strategies easier than ever.

Strategy Solver

Flexibly build and value any spread on the fly to instantly see Greeks, OEs, and theoretical values. Send your custom spreads to the exchange to create a new publicly tradable market.

Portfolio Analysis

Multiple risk reports including slide risk, account inventory, theoretical trade P&L and portfolio P&L. Extensive “what if?” scenarios help evaluate portfolio health.

Model Management

Build volatility skews that serve as the backbone for all theoretical valuations. Choose from multiple models and fit types to get the exact values you need.

T4 Options Pro FaSt Board

FaSt Board

The Filter and Sort Board compiles thousands of outright options and spreads across multiple products into one window. Utilize more than 20 filters to narrow the list of markets to show only what matters for a particular strategy, then sort the markets based on criteria such as net edge, delta, total traded volume, etc. Trade directly from the FaSt Board for quick execution of highly sought after trading opportunities.

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Multi Account Analysis

The Multi Account Analysis provides risk managers and firms with a compact and highly effective tool for monitoring many accounts. Risk numbers are neatly displayed in real-time and worst case scenarios are displayed to provide a quick overview of each position’s drawbacks. Net Greeks are displayed with customizable warning levels for each account so that small traders that violate their risk parameters won’t get lost behind large traders that are within bounds.

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T4 Options Pro Multi Account Analysis

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