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Exchange Support


For GLOBEX Technical and Product Support, click here.

Exchanges on GLOBEX include:
CME Group - A CME/Chicago Board of Trade Company
Kansas City Board of Trade (KCBT)
Minneapolis Grain Exchange (MGEX)
New York Commodities Exchange (COMEX)
New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX)

Phone: +1 800 438 8616
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Order Management Tools:

Firmsoft: FirmSoft is a browser-based order management tool that provides real-time visibility into working and filled orders, across multiple firm IDs, in the CME Globex® order management database. FirmSoft provides important alternative access to working and filled orders during system failures.

Telestat: TeleSTAT is an automated system that enables individual traders to cancel and status CME Globex orders over the phone. After entering a unique ID and PIN, users quickly navigate through the menu prompts to expedite their requests.

Firmsoft and Telestat Information
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LME Select Helpdesk
Phone:+44 (0)20 7488 2500


For ICE Technical and Product Support, click here.

The ICE Platform Includes:
ICE Futures Canada (formerly WCE)
ICE Futures Europe
ICE Futures US (formerly NYBOT)

Phone: (770) 738 2101
Phone: +44 (0)20 7488 5100

Market Status



Phone: +49-69-2 11-1 12 10

NYSE Euronext

NYSE Euronext

France: +33 1 8514 8585
The Netherlands +31 20 721 9585
UK: +44 20 7660 8585
Belgium: +32 2 620 0585
Portugal: +351 2 1060 8585
Market Status

NYSE Liffe U.S.

NYSE Liffe Market Control Helpdesk
Phone: (770) 738 2101
Phone: +44 (0)20 7488 5100
Market Status

Internet Performance

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The following are 3rd party educators that use T4 and offer classes or tools to help you learn skills needed to trade successfully.

League Trading

League Trading

League Trading, a Member Firm, is a pioneer in the development of options risk analysis systems for firms and individual traders. Our commitment to the business of trading, including the support and continued development of professional traders, is what makes League unique in the space.

Originally concentrating on agricultural products and the options trade, League Trading is now dedicated to developing proprietary relationships with both experienced and novice traders in options and futures.

League promotes an entrepreneurial, risk-taking, and disciplined culture that drives our traders.

In order to determine a Futures trader’s viability, we offer a Simulator Program (CTS T4) with Live Quotes and Real-Time Analytics that runs for at least 20 business days.

For more information about League’s Simulator program and the benefits League offers, Visit:

Topstep Trader

Topstep Trader

TopstepTrader is a scouting agency seeking futures trading talent to pair with interested equity partners. TopstepTrader uses the “Combine” to develop, educate, and recruit trading talent.

In the Combine we provide recruits with a live, real-time market simulator. A recruit’s trading performance is reviewed and evaluated by the TopstepTrader scout team as they progress through the four week Combine program. The scout team is seeking profitable, disciplined, and consistent traders. Pending successful completion of the Combine objective, the trader would be paired with an interested equity partner and would begin trading a fully funded trading account. No capital contribution required.

While in the training and Combine, recruits have access to Cunningham Trading System’s T4 trading and charting software, “TsT Live Squawk Radio” (broadcast daily from the S&P pit on the CBOT floor), interactive trader chat room, unlimited access to Trading Coaches, pre-market morning reports, and live market feed.

Please send questions to For more information about the Combine or the TopstepTrader recruitment opportunity, please visit



AbleSys proudly announces that we have teamed up with Cunningham Trading Systems. With this integration, CTS data module is added for AbleTrend 7.0. Now CTS customers can use both CTS T4 Desktop platform and AbleTrend 7.0 side-by-side seamless for making their critical trading decisions. AbleSys’ AbleTrend 7.0, S&C Award-Winning 1997-2012, is a time-tested trading system software that offers traders specific buy, sell, stop, exit trading signals for day trading, swing trading, and position trading of all markets including stocks, futures, commodities, Forex & bonds etc. It is universal and working with any time charts. Accuracy of trading signal is the key in trading. Major features of the 7.0 version include:

  • Working with CTS real time and 30-min delayed data
  • Time tested buy/sell/stop/exit trading signals.
  • Intra-trade risk/money management.
  • Back testing to validate the trading signals and strategies.
  • Virtual Paper Trade (VPT) to simulate trades without risking real money.
  • Easy graphic with sound alerts.
  • AutoScan to monitor many markets in real time.
CME Group

CME Group

CME Group offer a number of education resources explaining how markets work and they can be accessed

E-mini Exchange

E-mini Exchange

At E-mini Exchange, WE BUILD TRADERS. E-mini Exchange was created so that those away from the Chicago pits could learn in the same way that we developed into traders. We provide a foundation through manuals, videos, after hour’s classes, and a live trading room. Above all you get access and the viewpoint of traders with over 30 years of pit and screen trading experience.

Meet the group.

Anthony Crudele was one the first electronic (e-mini) traders. He has traded when volume was 10k contracts and 4 million contracts a day. He has seen bull markets and bear markets. He has seen low volatility and high volatility. Choppy and trending markets. He has seen it all from the view of an electronic trader. Along with live commentary during market hours, you will receive color from the pit, from co-founder and pit trader Vince D’Agostino. Vince has been a member and trader for over 15 years. The third member of the group is Eli Radke. Eli was mentored by Vince and Anthony and helped to write the course material. Eli is a former collegiate football player and specializes in the mental aspects of trading. Together they provide a perfect mix of experience that allows them to re-create the environment they developed in without having to be in Chicago.

What makes us different.

We are still trading. We understand for the futures business to continue to grow there needs to be new people learning. After looking at other education programs, we came to the conclusion that they were not teaching anything. Secondly, you have access to the traders that built the program. You can see them use the foundation every day. They stand by what they are doing and do not hide behind sales people or moderators. Not everyone can be a trader but at the very least everyone can get to the point where they can be a trader. If you are looking for someone to teach you to trade, you have come to the right place. To be a part of our trading group visit or call (312) 356-3810. If you would like to sign up for FREE daily commentary please click here.

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