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Creating HTML Registration Links

Multiple HTML links for different events by an individual salesman or T4 userid.

You must first have a registration/salesman user created within the T4 system. If you do not then contact CTS Support.

The registration link syntax below should be edited and saved in notepad with the file extension "html".

Two examples:

<a href="https://cts.sim.t4login.com/register/?salesman=t4userid&ref=Webinar_20120213">Webinar Registration A</a>

<a href="https://cts.sim.t4login.com/register/?salesman=t4userid&ref=Webinar_20120214">Webinar Registration B</a>

  1. Don’t disturb the HTML syntax. "<, >, /, ?, &, =" are all important. If they aren’t preserved then the link won’t work.
  2. Set “cts” in “//cts.sim…” To whatever firm the T4 UserID belongs to.
  3. Set “Webinar_20120213” to whatever description you want. This will be how you distinguish the source of the marketing event.
  4. Set "t4userid" to a valid T4 UserID within the system. This UserID must exist under the firm specified above.
  5. Set “Webinar Registration A” to whatever display text you want.
  6. Once saved as an html document then view in a browser. You can do this by drag and drop of the doc into a browser window.
  7. The links will be rendered as HTML.
  8. Copy from browser and paste into a new html based email.
  9. Test. Be sure to always use a new unique userid so the system doesn’t already have it registered. If you keep the sales
    event unique enough like the above (by including the date) then an easy test would be for test_webinar20120213@whateverdomain.com. You won’t get the email but the user will be created in the system and you will see it from your registration page.

    Examples rendered as HTML:

    Webinar Registration A
    Webinar Registration B

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