About CTS

CTS is the creator of T4, a fully hosted professional trading platform for futures and options. FCMs and brokers as well as their professional, institutional and retail traders, take advantage of CTS's fast, reliable trading network. T4 offers direct exchange connectivity to many of the world’s largest exchanges, flexible risk management, and a suite of advanced trading components including: T4Charts, T4Desktop, and T4Mobile. Everything, for the same fee. Trade how you want, where you want. To learn more about CTS visit www.ctsfutures.com or contact Brian Murphy at +1 (866) 379-1289 or email brian@ctsfutures.com.

CTS believe in offering you a total package without the hidden fees. That means you when you choose CTS, you get it all. Whether you're the firm supplying the front end to your traders, a professional trader who needs a robust front end, a retail trader who doesn't require a lot of functionality, a risk manager, or an account administrator, at CTS, we cater to your needs, and offer you everything you need, with one solution.

CTS are a technology company that understands the needs of our customers. Here at CTS, we take care of the technology, so that you can take care of your business.

CTS's innovative approach to electronic trading defined a new electronic trading paradigm nearly a decade ago. A paradigm that many service providers are only today beginning to realize. CTS's highly distributed systems with direct exchange access and real-time risk management were built to evolve and continue to do so today. Take advantage of CTS's vast experience and mature well-crafted systems.

So, what do you get?

  • Our ASP model enables any firm to offer their traders a high performance trading solution to both Retail and Professional customers with no in house IT infrastructure
  • You get connectivity to many of the world's largest exchanges at one cost
  • You get the stability of CTS's robust data centers that will furnish fast, reliable market connectivity to those exchanges
  • You get the benefit of 2 front ends at one cost. Our T4 front end provides the professional trader with plenty of tool to trade professionally. In addition, you also get access to our web, browser based front end. Our Web trader is a "Lite" version of the T4 professional trading system, and can either be used by professional traders to view their trades from any internet connection, or can be used by less active traders who don't require use of a professional trading front end
  • Advanced web tools that allow the trader to view his past order books and other account information online
  • A professional pre-trade risk management system
  • Easy to use, web-based administration screens to set up accounts from any internet connection
  • A free real-time, live market trading simulator
  • An open API
  • White labeling, and marketing materials
  • Training on the front end or any tools
  • Personal, 24 hour support