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Checking Processed Dates

After receiving chart data, you will want to check that you received all of the data that you requested. A successful chart data request is not guarantee to return the entire date range requested. This depends on many factors and cannot be predicted.

The IChartDataRequest properties TradeDatesRequested and TradeDatesProcessed will help you in determining if you need to make additional chart data requests. TradeDatesRequested is the date range that was originally requested in the call to BeginRequestChartData. TradeDatesProcessed is the date range of the data the API was able to fulfill in this request.

Chart data requests are fulfilled starting with the most recent date and working back. Therefore if TradeDatesRequested.StartDate is earlier than TradeDatesProcessed.StartDate, then you will need to request additional data.


Start DateEnd Date
Date range of the next request4/1/20092/28/2010

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